Multiplayer paint

For my group art exhibit I created a multiplayer paint program to allow the audience to paint on 2d and 3d artworks created by my group. Thanks to the guys who worked on the 3d painting algorithm before me! I’ve created this in 1.5.4, created in windows but I’ve verified that it works under linux although it looks a bit worse there.

This sample requires a dual analog stick gamepad and PyGame for the input.

Download (4 MB)

Controls are left analog stick to move the character, right stick to move the paintbrush/camera around. L1 switches between paintbrush and camera modes. In paint mode R2 paints and R1 erases. In camera mode R1 takes a photo of a texture and R2 places the texture in the model. Face button 4 is use. Hold use down to move objects around or stand in the circle in the center to change colours.

I’ve stripped down the artworks to just my own since I don’t have permission to distribute my groupmates artworks and consequently there are some bugs up there. In the exhibit you could also take photos with bluetooth enabled phones to put your face in the game or use your own pictures as textures but I’ve also removed the functionality in the sample I’ve uploaded. I’ve left the source code gamelib/ though, I used OpenCV to do face detection if you’re interested in it.

darn - here can’t get even to start - pygame crashes bigtime alas

Do you have a gamepad plugged in? That’s the only thing I use PyGame for. This game is meant to be used with a gamepad so it doesn’t have keyboard and mouse controls as a fallback. I might make a nicer object painting code snippet if you’re interested, thats really the only unique thing in this game.

yes ZeroByte - to make sure I tried a game I knew it works that uses pygame. when I got time I’ll dig into and try to fix it

I’d love to see that! I’m hoping to have this effect in my game that I’m working on and it’d be sweet not to have to start from scratch on that particular bit :slight_smile: