Multiplayer-focused arena third-person shooter (TPS) game

I’m making a multiplayer third person shooter (TPS) game.
It’s in an early prototype state.


Nice! Very interesting art style.

Where is the like button?
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Good luck with your project

A lot of games (like Quake) has a console, so I decided to make one too.
So I just put a Python Interactive Console in the game to be able to change and test everything.

I think i’ve got most powerful one. :smiley:

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Cheaters will appreciate :mrgreen:

Every game client can be hacked. If not, cheaters can write their own game client.

What networking library did you use?

Default library, which is included with Panda3D.

Did you use a kinematic character controller or just a standard bullet rigidbody? What parts of the scene do you replicate? Is there any kind of client prediction?

Sorry for all the curiosity. :smiley:

Yes, it’s bullet kinematic character controller.

Replicate? What do you mean by that? :slight_smile:

Yes, there is. But without interpolation for now.

I like your style, I’d love to help with it. Unless you’re a one man team then I respect that.

Yes, I need some help. What can you do?

Im no artist or modeler but I usually like to do underlying systems like chat and data arrays, a bit of netoworking but not too much.

The networking is the hardest part of the game.
I need networking model with a lag compensation.
Can you do it?

I’m learning about networking and lag compensation from some articles:
Jake2 source code (Quake2 rewritten in Java):

My goal for now is to make networking model similar to Quake2 (10Hz server, client-side prediction + interpolation)

I would be in the same boat as you reading articles and studying up, since the only networking I’ve done is mainly for regular applications and stuff that I build on my dedicated server.What language is your networking in?

Language is Python 3.5

I can help you, though for game networking which I’m not too privy with and would be learning along with you.

A little movement update.

Cool! :slight_smile:

how can we download and test game ?