multi-part actor SOMETHIN IS WRONG.

Hey all,
I was trying to edit a original body. I did bam2egg and after, egg2bam.
My actor is multi-part, so before, with the original Torso part, everything was well.

But wen i converted do egg and after to bam again, that happend:

The torso still animated, but the head isn’t anymore conecting to the neck.

Someone to help?

I do not understand why the first one is bam2egg, and then, egg2bam. Where is the logic? The problem is precisely the lack of logic.

i was testing. I need to know if i edit the model i everything will work. But I can’t conect the head to neck. How can i do this? If I do this with original Model, i can apply my model to the game using the original for example.

What specifically needs to be changed?

If you want to change the model, you obviously need to change the original model. Bam is only for distribution.

I wanna change the Torso Model to Human Torso. But to work in game the model needs to have all the original NODES information to work exactly like the original.
When I do the bam2egg to edit the model, I lose some information in connection of head to def_head.
I tried to check in Maya, and def_head isn’t following the joint anymore. :confused:
There’s a some way to export Bam2egg without lose the informations of original Bam file? Or a way to connect def_head model to def_head joint?

I repeat that bam does not have 100% backward compatibility. Because it’s for distribution. The original model, this is a 3D editor project, you are probably trying to modify someone else’s model.

Yeah, i’m trying to edit Toontown Torso Model. Isn’t possible to connect def_head to def_head joint?

Perhaps you need the version of panda for which these bam files were created.

Convert Bam2egg using the Panda3D version of these files are created, right?
i’ll test.

Yes, bam has a version dependency. Perhaps this is a problem.

The bam version is 6.24. I converted with Panda3D 1.7.2 and the model is so crashed. The Joints are so weird.

Bro, i was looking… The joints are in models groups. How can I do group them?