Multi-part actor problem

Hi, need help, i been trying to attach 2 models together be a joint using multi-part actors but it doesnt work, everytime i get “Actor(warning): joint not found!”, no matter what joint, no matter what model(i been trying with internet models), maybe im doing something wrong, thanks

Using multi-part actors is an advanced technique that requires doing a lot of steps precisely right in order to get good results. There are lots of points in the process where something might go wrong. Unfortunately, the manual doesn’t do a good job of clarifying step-by-step precisely what you need to do.

But are you sure you want to use multi-part actors? There’s a newer feature, subpart actors, which is much easier to use and generally works better for most purposes anyway. See this thread:
Or this thread:


Thank you so much!!!, my problem is solved, im gonna forget multipart actors and start using subpart actors for now, anyway i just started to read the panda source so i shouldnt have any problems from now. Thanks!