mp3 playing with higher Speed? Debian Sarge + 1.0.5


I have messed around a bit with the Sound Tutorial provided with Panda3D…
Everything seemed fine except some “flickers” in the play of the musicbox… I didn’t give too much to it… but I got really surprised after I exchanged the musicbox sound with some “normal” music… Well, audio is playing in a somewhat higher speed than normal here… I have no clue why, but this did not happen with the older config, not @ Windows and not at the other computer. I have no clue why this happens, but I can reproduce it with every mp3 that I do play.

I guess it can be called a bug report, but I cannot reproduce it at another computer because the other computer I have has no soundcard any more (but there it was working) and here it was working somehow in the past with Ubuntu and another graphic card… I have no clue if it can be Graphic card related, but it looks like… because its the only major thing that changed @ this computer… it also ran Debian Sarge before, but this GeForce5700 wasn’t in it…

But I can’t remove the card to test it with another one… in that case I have no 3D-Accel any more :confused:

Anybody ever experienced that problem?

Regards, Bigfoot29