Moving to textures with transparancy?

Hey guys, brand new to the panda3d realm… Brand new to blender as well. (took me 2 days to figure out how to bake and export to egg) But now that I’ve got myself a rectangle with a blender texture…

I was wondering if I could move two textures diagonally to each other over the same object. The idea here is I wanna make a really simple water effect. The current texture is solid, and I want to put two textures on top of that with 50% alpha and have them both move.

So first off, do I create a tga with 50% alpha outside of panda3d and then use it? or do I set the alpha in panda?

Second, how… do I make it slowly move across the object? I have a feeling it has something to do with offset maybe? And some sort of task to keep it moving?

Thank you.

For your first question, you could do that: create a tga with alpha 50%, then apply it with a “decal” blend effect as described in Texture Modes. But I don’t know if that’s really what you want. Probably, you will get better results just from using the default Modulate mode, which requires no particular alpha.

To slide the textures independently of each other, set a different setTexOffset value for each one, as described in Texture Transforms. You could do this over time with a task, or you could create a LerpTexOffsetInterval to do it more-or-less automatically. The LerpTexOffsetInterval isn’t specifically documented, but it’s basically the same as all of the other lerp intervals described in Lerp Intervals.