i want to show a movie correctly in panda.
my movie is 720x576 / avi / ~1gb
-> problem: it’s juddering/wrong solution when i play it in panda :confused:

-> how can i integrate it properly/ or which format/codec du i need to convert it to? thx

I don’t know how effective it is, but if you check the manual there’s a page on how to use an AVI file as a texture. So all you need to do is create a card and apply the video as a texture.

See the page here: … _AVI_files

yes i already did this, but i think my movie is in the wrong format: it is rather to big (scale/solution?=i see only a small part of the movie, rest is cut away) or it is juddering… :confused:

You might look at the Movie Player example found with the 1.7 distribution, I think I remember it mentioning something about only displaying a certain amount of pixels in the bottom left or something.

It can probably help you out a bit. :smiley:

the movie from the Movie Player example is working fine, but my video isn’t :confused:

-> i tried “hundreds” of different codex and ended with the “best” solution 900x480pixel+xvid mpeg4 or divx 6.8.3 codec, so now the video is shown in the “white area”, “black”-area is unused, don’t now why… <-see img / but it is definitely not perfect/sharp/proportional:

-> what do you mean by “only displaying a certain amount of pixels in the bottom left or something.” ??

Well I remember reading this before (I found it in the manual)

Even though the positions are reversed (could be a bug or a typo really) this sounds like something that’s happening to you, so you might try and fiddle with their suggestion… (looking in the Media Player example)

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