Movie Textures - .mpeg vs .mpg

It seems that Panda refuses to play a video with a .mpeg file extension, but if you change that same file to have a .mpg file extension, the video plays fine. Is there a reason behind this?

Why worry? You can’t distribute .mpg legally any ways unless you pay them.

Just checked in a fix to CVS.

Duly noted about MPEG royalties, but in my case I’m not using Panda for developing games. I want to understand why the file extension would cause an issue. I would assume Panda would read the header data in the file to determine its contents.

Whoa, thanks rdb! I’ll test that out.

Panda doesn’t read movie header, but only uses the file extension to determine if it’s supported.

Rdb, has mp4 also been added ?

Just added mp4. The current list in config_grutil.cxx is:

avi mov mpg mpeg mp4 wmv asf flv nut ogm