mouse_up disable when gui enable


I am facing to a small problem actually.
I declare some event to catch

    self.accept("mouse1", self.setMouseBtn, [0, 1])
    self.accept("mouse1-up", self.setMouseBtn, [0, 0])
    self.accept("mouse2", self.setMouseBtn, [1, 1])
    self.accept("mouse2-up", self.setMouseBtn, [1, 0])
    self.accept("mouse3", self.setMouseBtn, [2, 1])
    self.accept("mouse3-up", self.setMouseBtn, [2, 0])

But when I create a gui element (frame with button in fact, for information on the selected item), I didn’t catch anymore the events concerning the mouse.
What I want to do, is when I click left anywhere, my character fires, when I click right on an item, a little popup appears to the right, with some possible action (buttons), but I want to be able to continue to fire.

Thank you

Are you using .bind for your gui elements?

Perhaps I am not understanding the question …

edited to add:

My project works the same way with GUI element and mouse picking on the 1-up. Works just fine. GUI elements all have .bind(DGG.B1 through B3PRESS, method, extaArgs).

Don’t know how you are delcaring your mouse events for gui elements though but I imagine that is the source of your issue.