Mouse Bounding Box and Camera

I’ve been working with the camera as seperate from the mouse. When I zoom out with the camera, the box in which the mouse can move stays the same. I’ve tried transforming the mouse’s matrix base.trackball.node().setMat() and the forward scale base.trackball.node().setForwardScale(). I can’t come up with anything so far, can anybody help?

Not quite sure what you’re asking for. You want to move the camera around programmatically, but still allow the user to move around from there with the trackball controls? I should think that as long as you move the camera strickly using base.trackball.node().setPos() or …setHpr() (or, alternately, base.trackball.node().setMat() should be effectively similar), you should be all right. Use setForwardScale() to change the speed at which the user zooms through the scene.

Can you explain more about the nature of the problem you’re having?


Ah don’t worry about it. Initially, I move the camera forwards and backwards (zoom) with keys. When you do so, the mouse pointer can only move within the original window, so I just added a scalar multiplication when I zoom the camera so that the mouse pointer can reach the edge of the new window.

OK. I don’t understand what you’re referring to at all, since in my mind, a window is a rectangular region onscreen with a border and a titlebar, and “moving the camera” has nothing to do with changing the size of the window, and I have no idea what you’re referring to when you say “the mouse pointer can only move within the original window”, since the mouse pointer can move across the whole desktop, and there’s only one Panda window involved anyway.

Clearly we’re using different terminology here. But I’m perfectly happy to accept that you have solved your problem. :slight_smile: