more than one camera

I have a scene, now i want show it from different angle, at the same screen, i think i should use more than one camera to do that, but do not know how, anyone can help?

you can either have multiple cameras or some empty nodes which you reparent your camera to.

i use something like this

camera1 = youractor.attachNewNode("camera1")
camera1.setPosHpr(x, y, z, h, p, r)
camera2 = youractor.attachNewNode("camera2")
camera2.setPosHpr(x, y, z, h, p, r)

# change camera view

note: with this method you shouldn’t do any transform changes to (or short ‘camera’) as they’re kept also after reparenting

thanks for fast reply.

the actual effect I want is picture in picture, the main scene is shown in main window and a small window show another angle on top of the main scene.

ok, that’s another thing.
take a look at this here: