More opinions on python vs c++


I was going to get started with Panda3D, and it seems that at least to start, i definitely want to stick with python. I’ve used python quite a bit and my c++ is rusty.

However… i know that i will eventually be needing some computationally intensive code. it will be no problem at all for me to write that in c/c++, but I’m wondering

1 if know i’m going to be coding some things in c++, should i just get started in c++ ?

2 it looks like interrogate can generate the wrappers for my C++ code, is that right ? (and for other languages too it appears !). I’m ok with a learning curve on it, i’ve used many other wrapper generators before, however, is it possible i’ll get to some sort of sticking point and the answer will end up being “I should have just started with c++” ?

3 the reason that i know that i will be using computationally intensive code, is because i’m thinking about using panda3d as a visualization system for 3D engineering work, so my last question would be, is panda3d suitable as a 3d visualization system ? 3D graphs/plots, 3D model display, etc… (IOW i’m not going to be doing game programming).

Going to take the plunge, I’ve already been going through the examples in python, but i’m just wondering once i get to writing “real” code whether I should use python or c++

Thanks very much.

Even if you write your application in Python, you can still write parts of it in C++. So, I would just use Python and re-work performance critical portions in C++ later if/when needed.

Yes, that’s definitely what I think I should do, just wanted a second opinion :slight_smile:
How about pand3d for use a generalized visualization toolkit (and yes i know about vtk) ?

I think panda3d, even though seems oriented around games, does seem to have very nice access to “low level” graphics functionality.

One of the main professional uses of Panda3D has always been for visualization purposes, so I’d say, give it a try and see if it meets your particular needs.

That’s great to hear. I’m going through the examples and trying to do a little bit of research before i dive in.
Thank you!