More build problems on ARM.

I cloned the latest source code from GitHub today, and attemped to build it on an ARM-based developer board.

python makepanda/ --everything --no-artoolkit --no-fcollada --no-fmodex --no-opencv --no-squish --no-tiff --no-vrpn --no-rocket --no-fftw --no-ffmpeg --no-gles --no-gles2 --threads 4 --installer 

Eventually, I get this:
The command building fails. I’ve compiled on ARM before, and haven’t run into this issue. (If it can’t be easily fixed, that’s OK. It isn’t critical that I have the latest code from the repository.)

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

This problem is solved by running:

export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-allow-multiple-definition"

before running makepanda.

This problem should now be resolved on the latest master.