I’m new to Panda3D and Python. I’ve been currently putting all the code in one file to test and get things running. Now that I’m starting to get somewhere with my project I would like to modularize the program by putting individual classes and their related classes into separate files and call them where needed. I’ve been searching and trying to figure it out to no avail. So, I find myself here looking for the answer to my question.

Thank you in advance.

i recommend you readup on python’s of modularizing code or read panda3d source code.

someone posted this link in the panda3d irc channel yesturday. it might be intresting for you. since it gives an overview over pythons most popular online-tutorials.
you should be able to learn about classes and modules there.


Thanks for the replies. I figured it out last night on my own by reading through dozens of python scripts and getting a better feel for the language. Liking what I see thusfar.