Modifying the API reference

Hi all, (congrats on the BSD status BTW)

Is it possible to modify the API refernece in a similar way to the manual? There are a few “Undocumented Functions” I would like to document.


not the same way. Api gets generated form source so you would need to change the source of the code then next revision it will get regenerated.

Its not that hard just download the source modify and post the patch.

by posting the patch do you mean here on the forums or on sourceforge / other source code place. Also where do I change the text is it just in a comment in the py file or…

most likely you change comments in the C++ files. I would suggest posting it into panda3d modifications unless drwr or josh say other wise.

No, wait. The “undocumented classes” are not documented.
I think this is a bug or limitation in genpycode or so somehow. It doesn’t read the comments for all python classes, for some reason.
You can use pydoc to read the documentation to the python classes, or read through the docstrings in the source code.

If there are really undocumented classes/functions, and you wrote some documentation for it, you can send it to any Panda developer who has CVS access, I guess.