modex.dll usefulness

What’s the purpose of ‘modex.dll’?

I recently run a scan with my antivirus, and it identified this file as a threat - spyware.
Name: Win32.Backdoor.IRC…
Risk: Medium
Advice: It is recomended that you delete this application immediately because it constitutes security and privacy risks,and has no known usefulness.
Description: s security. When you connect to the internet, this program notifies the remote user that your computer is vulnerable…

I quarantined the file and Panda still works. Is this file important to an area of Panda I may need to use?
What is it’s purpose?

modex? Do you mean fmodex.dll?
If so, that is one of the two sound modules that Panda can use. You can do without, but that means you’ll have to configure Panda to use OpenAL for audio.

Yes. The correct name is fmodex.dll.
Its activity is identified as malicious. Could you tell me what functions this file performs, and for what purpose, so that I can decide the risks of using it?

It is one of two sound libraries, the other being openal. It is a commercial product.

Which antivirus software do you use? I want to avoid incompetent antivirus software that flags something like fmod as a security risk.

EDIT: hm or does that warning mean that the fmod file has gotten infected with a virus? Fmod itself is perfectly harmless, but I suppose the file could have been hijacked.

All antivirus software occasionally flags a file as malicious incorrectly. They also occasionally overlook files that actually are malicious. It’s just part of the deal.

Take the virus alert with a grain of salt, but do make an effort to ensure your fmodex.dll file has not actually become infected.


If you’re so worried about it, why don’t you just delete it and grab a new one from the download page?
If you don’t want to entirely reinstall Panda, its also in the “thirdparty” zip-package for Windows.

Thanks all.
Sorry I took so long to reply. I was extremely busy.
I’ll follow the suggestions.

dll injection could be the culprit…? < It’s good fun stuff :wink: