Models with texture baking look awesome in Panda3d

I don’t fully understand 3d models and I have zero Blender skills. Why do these baked models look so good in Panda3d? Others don’t look as good, but the texture baking ones looks really awesome.

Is it possible to cast shadows on an Actor if the lights etc are baked into the model that is being rendered?

wow,it looks really good.
Do you write shaders for these scene?
Or you just use the default render of panda3d?

Hi SoNewBee… I didn’t write anything :smiley: just loaded it with load_model() and put into the scene.

I guess that is why I posted this… I can’t tell why some models look awesome but others not so much.

The texture baking ones seem to come out great though. But I am really wondering if I can get an Actor to cast matching shadows in the given room/model as well? like where the shadows/lighting are baked into the model…

I imagine that it’s simply because, well, it has lighting baked in, I gather.

Having shadows and an approximation of light bouncing around the room can really make a scene look far more realistic and engaging than without, I daresay. And furthermore, since baking is done before the final rendering and thus needn’t run at high speed, it can incorporate greater detail and fidelity than might be feasible at runtime.

Hum, that I’m not confident in. Depending on how the baking is handled–on what exactly the output of the process is–I could see it perhaps working. However, I could also see it perhaps not working. *shrugs*

(I’m afraid that I don’t think that I’ve actually used baked lighting myself.)

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Yes. It’s best if you keep the baked lighting separate from the unlit base texture (by baking it into either the vertex colours or into a separate texture).

It’s typical to just bake the ambient occlusion information without baking the shadows in Blender, so that you don’t get “double shadows”.

As an aside, the gamma looks a little off in your screenshots; you might benefit from enabling sRGB gamma correction in Panda.


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