models with normal map from blender

Hi everyone

I use Blender and the latest chiken´s version. When i export models with normal map and i click preview in chiken interface my models are without normal mapping.

In model i got 1 texture with the color and 1 texture with normal map (i clicked in normal and tangent in textures definition)

Someone can help?

In pview, have you pressed the L key to enable lighting, then the P key to enable per-pixel lighting? Without per-pixel lighting, normal maps wont show up.


When i press p my video crash … this is very creepy ´cos Panda´s sample normal mapping and shadows run very well.

My egg file seems export just one texture and not both :open_mouth:

Really, if you edit the egg file with a text editor, do you see two entries at the top or one?

Can you give an error message of the pview crash? It’s not supposed to crash at all.


Pview crash , i guess, ´cos my video not support per-pixel lighting (in sample Disco Light per pixel light cause crash too).

In my model i´ve 2 textures: first is color and second is normal but when i export just first go to .egg (i see in .egg file and i´ve just one texture).

Yesterday i tried in another PC who´s support per-pixel lighting and the samples Shadows and Normal Mapping runs very well (also Disco Lights with per-pixel).

But the results is the same. Just first texture (color) is exported.

My second texture, in Blender, is type Image with the options Normal Map and Tangent enable … and in Blender GE run fine. :unamused:

I guess i´m doing something wrong in some step :frowning: but i don´t know where…


Which version of Chicken is installed?

Yeah, make sure you don’t have 1.0 < its old and doesn’t support normal mapping. Grab the latest (R52, I believe) and it should work, or you missed out an option in Blender.

For the record, you can see normal maps without shaders, too - using nodePath.setNormalMap (see apiref)

The last one is r54 (from SVN repo).

Hey it work´s :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I was using chiken 1.0 … :blush:
Hey … a lot of thanks pro-soft and zuck
See ya … :astonished: