Models n Stuff

im a programmer new to panda and would like to get started playing with scenes but i dont really have any objects to work with.

i cant model at all so i want to know if there are any libraries of free stuff that i can play around with - preferably that i wont have to convert.

i am not making anything commercial, and in fact i probably will never end up making anything at all. so complicated.

you could download the models from the artwork-gallery: …

ill see whats in it. thanks.

lots more stupid questions.

i really dont know anything about 3d models. all the stuff in the art folder seems to have the texture separated from the geometry. is there a way to load them in all at once or do i have to manually apply the texture each time?

also why are the egg files that come in the models/ folder, .pz files?

is that a special panda package?


Tipically textures are referenced from egg files, so they’re automatically loaded when you load the model without manual intervention.

Here an explanation.

i expected that about textures, yaio, but that doesnt seem tobe the case with the model package that the other guy linked.

i can use it either way.

it seems that panda loads pzip files automatically which is good though.

I tested with a model of that package (ralph), and I can load model and textures contemporaneously only with the command loader.loadModel( modelName ).

i did the policecar and didnt get a texture.

was it because i unzipped it before loading?
should i just load the zip file entirely? is that possible?

i unzipped the police car and did loadModel( “policecar.egg” )

Make sure the texture is in the same directory as the model - or modify the egg file in a text editor to match:


<Texture> lambert2SG {
  <Scalar> format { rgb }
  <Scalar> wrapu { repeat }
  <Scalar> wrapv { repeat }
  <Scalar> minfilter { linear_mipmap_linear }
  <Scalar> magfilter { linear }


thank you i think i get it now. the texture works but is not “inside” the .egg file.

i think ill leave off directly editing .egg files for now. i dont think i want to learn that much so soon.

il try this again when i get home.