Models by Enc

I will post here some models that you can use under the ‘Yber hefty’ licence.

1.Chill can sell them to your friends can by them from your friends can tell that you made them can deny that you made them can modify them don’t have to modify them
8.ummm, well … can rent them to your self
10.You can use the models for your projects
11.+ everything else you can come up with
12. And you surely can complain about the quality of the models.

human female:

Not bad, not bad at all… but why in .bam? .egg.pz would be much better and would work with all(?) panda versions.

My bad, forgot the egg’s. Now they are in the zip

Very, very cool! Thanks for sharing.


Is anyone interested in getting involved with something like this:

…only better, and for Panda3D, and as a free product. Essentially, a “character construction kit”. I suppose kinda like building your avatar on a PS3. :slight_smile: …plus an option to export as egg with animations from a selection.

I’d be happy to get involved heavily on the coding side… but I suck at the likes of Blender so the model part I’m out. :slight_smile:


I hope a 3d model will arrive here soon, with some animations like, walk, run, jump, be drunk, do some cool flips.


going to try it. since still have serious problem exporting to egg, it’s what i need actually.

I tried it. Nice. Your run well. But why it just white when I try to use it in my own? Is it because the light? I don’t give light.
The bottom is nice. But the arm kinda too tick maybe. Pretty nice when it pose. But look not natural if it bend when the model walk.

edit: after i look again, only from side the arm look not good.