Models are black

I’m using blender and turning blend models into bam files, but when I render them they are all black.
When I use the place method and click on “Texture” on the render options, they appear fully colored though.
I’m using blend2bam to convert the files, if that helps any.

I’ve looked every post relating to this issue but to no avail, and I’m starting to get a bit desperate.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Do the models appear correct when using pview? How about when using gltf-viewer?

If it helps, you don’t need to make things into bam files. I did the same thing when I started - the docs seem to imply that only bam and egg are supported, but actually you can pass lots of formats into loadModel. I’ve switched to exporting glb (binary gltf) from Blender. This might not answer your question directly, but hopefully it saves you some headache.

Definitely trying in pview and gltf-viewer. Also, how are your lights set up?