Modelling contest with prices

I think the hello world sample from the manual is way too outdated to present panda to newcomers.
Therefor I start a contest for revamping the hello world sample with the panda walking around.

You model a simple scene with a moving actor on it. It can be a panda walking around some green, but it doesn’t need to. It can virtually be anything, as long as it’s simple and pretty. The code required should stay semantically the same. You can of course use other names and transformations (please don’t rescale the models in code like it is done at the moment) or restructure the code, but it should stay as simple as it is.

All models must be in egg format and all textures must be png, jpeg, tga or similar. All types of textures Panda3D offers support for out of the box are very welcome and encouraged. No Shaders or other external files (e.g. audio) allowed. By joining the contest you must release your work under a license that offers free copying, reusing and modification. I suggest CC-By.

The contest starts right now and runs until 31.12.2012. After that period there will be a month for voting. Everyone who registered on the forums today (26.8.2012) or before and has done at least 10 posts until voting time has one vote to spend.

The price for the first place is 40€, a mention on the homepage (I can’t guarantee that, have to beg rdb…) and immortal glory! The second place will recieve 10€ as a small compensation and lots of respect from the community. The exchange rate is depending on Paypal. All rewards will be transferred over Paypal or bank transfer (however you prefer), but the reciever carries all costs linked with transfer.

Good luck and have fun!

PS: This is a private contest, so there’s no guarantee for anything. You only have my sincere word.

Looks like there’s not much interest in this contest. Too bad :frowning:

Like I said via IRC, I’ll give it a shot. My modeling skills aren’t too good, but I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

Same! :smiley: I’m keen as a bean! :stuck_out_tongue:

But also bad at modelling :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like to say Good Luck to everyone and may the best sample win :wink:

Cool! Looking forward for the results :smiley:

I’m in. Got an Actor, some rigging needs improvment but animations are ready (I’m reusing some mocap data). My scene needs some details (like textures), but I also want to add collisions and a pandai navmesh so that the scen can be reused for more complex demos.

If nothing goes bonkers, I’ll post it next week… or weekend.

Here’s my submission:

It’s not perfect, you can see some errors even on this screenshot, but I think it’s acceptable.

All but the actor model(kasia_model.egg) is under CC BY 3.0, that model is under the MakeHuman Mesh License

Download Link:

It’s that big because I used a overkill texture size, sorry bout that.