model material appears flat


I have a strange problem in my pipeline from blender to panda3d. I have default material for my model in blender, and looks as expected in the egg exporter (Chicken R91). Yet when I run it in panda I get a completely flat 2d color. I´ve tried to track down the problem, but I cannot figure it out. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


I think this is lightening problem. Its seems that your models are illuminated only with ambient light. You can try with adding a directional light to your scene.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I should add that I have previous models that I set up the same way and they appear fine in the scene. Why do they appear fine and this one flat?

Ok problem solved, it was something unrelated on my side. Basically yes, the model was not receiving the light so it was flat. Thanks for the help.