Model is displayed incorrectly

The model I created should look like this, but it appears like this after exporting the EGG format. What is the reason for this?

Do you perhaps have vertex-colours applied in the regions that are “blacked out” in PView?

It may be that your modelling program isn’t showing them in the mode used for the first screenshot above, but that they’re nevertheless present, and thus showing up when Panda renders the model.

Can you say more in detail? A little not sure. Also, I checked my model, there are no hidden parts!

Let me try: As you may know, vertices in a 3D model can have information associated with them–things like normals, for example. One of the pieces of information that a vertex can have is a colour. Depending on the renderer, this colour may or may not be used in determining the final colour of the model. It may be that your vertices have colour in places, which your modelling program isn’t displaying (because it’s not currently set to do so), but which Panda by default does display.

Well, I basically understood through your explanation and my query, but I also checked that vertex coloring is not used!

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I have found the problem. The root cause is that there is a problem with the model. Really. Thank you for your answer!

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It’s my pleasure! If I may, I’m curious: what was the problem with the model?

OK, I am very willing to answer. This is a problem with material binding, mainly due to duplicate material binding. The reason is that our staff designed the model using 3D MAX, and when I converted it to a Maya model through the FBX format, Maya had duplicate bindings when automatically converting the material type. This may not happen, but the best solution after it happens is to rebind the material in Maya.

Ah, I see–thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: