Model Animation

I have an animated robot model made in Maya.

when I play the animation in Maya it looks good,
and when I load the model to Panda, the model looks good aswell. but when I start playing the animation suddenly the robot’s size changes, and the robot’s hands and legs go out of their place…

to export the model I did this:

maya2egg2012 -a both -o robot.egg robot.mb

and to load and play I do this:

self.robot = Actor(PATH,{'walk':PATH})

could it be that there’s a problem with the animation in maya?

It could be some transform got missed by the converter for some reason, I suppose. You should make sure that there are keyframes on all of the nodes and/or bones that you wish to be animated.

Does the file work correctly if you just run “pview robot.egg”?


It’s the same with pview : \

I’ll ask my friend (he’s designing and animating the models I use) maybe he did something wrong …