Mobile Games?

Does Panda 3D support mobile games for Iphone and Android? Currently I am using Lumberjack for my mobile games production. If no support. Do you plan Iphone and Android support in the future? I would gladly change from Lumberjack to Panda 3D if you support Iphone and Android. Lumberjack is to anti liberal btw but I use it anyway.

Sincerely indie developer from Norway.
I like your liberal license distribution.
Very similar to Norwegian social democracy.

Just wanted to let the developers of Panda engine know. That they can apply for development support from the Norwegian government on this web page. Apply for foreign aid program software development. If you make a good enough presentation. The Norwegian government might be willing to fund the entire Panda 3D development. I am not to spread socialist ideology or anything. Just wanted to let you know that Norwegian socialist government are willing to sponsor foreign developments. And so back to my main question. Does Panda 3D support Iphone and Android?

Hi, i don’t know for iphone but on Android kitkat (H3Droid armv7 ) with python3.7, Panda3D seems to run quite well .

So for short :
Does it run on android ? yes
Is it easy to build from scratch for all api or can you drop it in some studio app: just plain no .

On a sidenote and as a panda3d and rdb fan i’ll say that: I guess the best place to help for experimental features of Panda3D is IRC. Too much discussion around (existing) features but not yet rock solid would lead to confuses users. There are many branches and maybe public forks around, actively worked on, but not much time for help vampires.