Mobile developer trying to make a game for mobile

Id be interested to know of any existing/future way to make a mobile distributable on panda 3d (iOS and android). Any online documentation is for future versions. Thank you

The build order for android is listed here.

I think that the following thread is the relevant one:

[edit] Subsequent thread-link removed, as relevant links within it are apparently no longer valid.

I want to note that this link is in the description on the github.

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Are they not the ones linked-to in the second post of the thread to which I linked?

(I am sorry, I’m guessing somewhat here, as I haven’t done this myself.)

@NewUser1 In this case, I can only advise you to gradually move towards the goal. For example, try creating Panda3D from the source code first.

As for the packages, they have expired and are no longer available. I think only @rdb can fix this

‘creating(build) panda3d from the source code’?

You will learn how to use the build system learn how to place packages so that the build system can find them, actually find out which packages affect what.

Considering that there are no full guarantees of android support for panda. At the moment it is only experimental, then your thought is correct.