Minimum or Suggested system requirements

Just curious as to what the system requirements are for Panda3D itself, and games created using it.

I have been looking for a decent game engine to use that doesn’t require a bleeding edge system to run. My target audience would have a minimum of Windows XP running on a P4 3ghz with 1gig of RAM.


Hi, and welcome to the forums!

The system requirements for Panda3D itself are negligible (it can even work without a graphics card!). The actual requirements of your game will depend on how much your game will demand of the computer. For example, if you perform lots of expensive collision detection checks, you might need a faster CPU to run it. Or if you are using complex objects with advanced shaders, you might need a high-end graphics card to run your game at a reasonable framerate.

As for the specifications - Panda3D ran great on an old computer of mine that had an 1 GHz processor with just a few hundred megs of RAM. I’ve heard people running Panda3D without problems on even older computers.

rdb is right… the system requirements are basically negligible. Panda3D was originally developed by Disney, which markets to children, which often are using their parents old computers in the basement (i.e., several technology-generations out of date). It’s meant to run on very bare-bones systems, and to scale up if modern hardware is available.