Milkshape 3D works perfectly for Model and Actors (via .X)

Hello all,

i’ve spent one week to try to get animated content into panda.
I’m animating in poser and modeling in wing 3D.
I’ve tried all combos from Poser, blender and so on.
Finaly i’ve tried directX export from Milkshape 1.7.4 (latest version).
=>it works perfectly

I’ve made Poser=>bvh export and Poser=>geometry export.
then import bvh into Ms3D . (animation + bones are created)
then import .obj (geometry from Poser)
then scale geometry (because of scale difference (x10))
then joint tools , autoassign to closest bone.
then export animation+meshes+materials

and x2egg.exe. no options.

Actor loaded and animated in SceneEditor from Scratch!!!
less than 20 minutes from Poser to Panda
trully i’am incredibly happpppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You should do more advertisement about your converters !!
they are really usefull even if you don’t have max
(80% of programmer are in this case i guess)

In fact it’s not as simple:
you must export geometry from Poser
you must clean joint name (py.script) (no space in, joint name allowed)
you must export bvh from Poser
you must import and rigg in mS3D
you must regroup all material once textured
you must export to HL2 SMD both sequence and skeleton
you must clear your model
you must import HL2 SMD and export to DX (not DirectX Jt)
you convert with a option (90% not usefull but…)

but still less than 30 minutes from Animated Poser to Animated .egg
(including texturing that was not done at all in Poser)
that should

Which script is it. Where is it located ?

By the way can you give more detail about the different options you choose in every dialog box.

What is your version of poser ?

Thx in advance.

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