MicrophoneAudio class

Is there any sample code showing how to use the MicrophoneAudio class? I tried

mic = MicrophoneAudio.get(’/dev/dsp’)
cursor = mic.open()

But open() never returns. Any tips? Thanks!

Wow that’s a new one for me. :open_mouth: I wasn’t even aware there was a Microphone audio class. I may be wrong but this might be one of those half implemented classes. Maybe someone can chime in on this.

I’ve always just written my own python module or used pyAudio for simple stuff.

I wonder if I can read non-blocking from it? extremely excited

This looks very cool! (if it’s a real class, that is, ) :smiley:

I don’t know anything about it either. I’d be surprised if it was fully-implemented.


microphone audio is only implemented for windows (yosh did that ages ago). for all other OS-es it’s a stub.