MGGJ3 Jam Entry: Vortex The Pretty

Hello everyone, long time no see! OK? alright, so a year ago I toke my panda3d project Vortex The Pretty

And completely remade it for Magical Girl Game Jam 3 fitting the game into a magical girl theme with a science fiction twist to it.

I should have posted it here for you guys then, but is was a mess (but functional), wanting to clean it up and give it a proper release for you guys, I worked on for the rest of 2021 rebuilding the missing features and fixing the issues that I could not fit into the jam timeframe.

The work would have been done in 3 months but many things in my life affected and prevented the game from being completed, only 2 and half weeks ago did I finally completed the release! I should have posted the release here then, but things got in the way again, my apologies for the late release, but here it is now!

A 3d platformer inspired by the likes of “Tony Hawks Pro Skater” and Crash Bandicoot”, where you are a girl (or boy) in a poofy billowing pretty princess dress. Twirl your dress to solve problems, complete activities, beat challenges, explore wide, and scale great heights!

Your dress gorgeously pretty to look at but it’s nothing to scoff at either! especially while twirling! as it can twirl up walls, off ramps and even on the ceiling! Plus those billowing frills are razor sharp to your foes as you bash them in with them!

Join Vortex and Victor The Pretty, a mischievous sibling duo, as you take control of one of them, where they and two of their friends Malena and Pia find a gopher hole and fall into it. where they are all lead into a seemly magical world!

They all meet the mysterious mother of that world and are invited to play her games! are you ready to join in and play?

Many fun and interesting characters!

Fun challenges await!
Twirl your dress to scale great heights!
A magical world calls for you!

Twirl your dress off ramps, up walls, and even on the celing!

A full walkthough is here.
Vortex The Pretty (Magical Girl Game Jam 3) Final Revision Walkthrough - YouTube

Finally you can get the game here.
Vortex The Pretty MGGJ Edition by jnpickee (
Again apologies for the wait, and you guys have a great day!