Meters, feet or inches

When I created a simulation and put some lines on the floor at one unit apart
the lines looked too close together. I had assumed the world system was in meters but maybe not. I cannot find a reference in the manual other than in feet and inches.

Is the world coordinate system metric or English.

The system is in whatever you want it to be, as long as you’re consistent. If you define one panda unit to be one meter, and make sure every position and model obeys to that rule, it’s one meter. Likewise it can be inch, or yards, or whatever you want it to be.

ok, thanks.

Just a quick note - if your using a physics system - i.e. Pandas own or ODE that does assume that 1 unit is one meter, so 1 unit being 1 meter is most certainly preferred in that case. But if your not using a physics simulation then its as pro-rsoft said - whatever you like.

i want to add even if you are using a physics system you can still use what ever unit you want. There are some presets like g being 10m/s but i don’t think it will bind you to a specific unit…

F=ma only works in meters and seconds, otherwise you need to add a constant of proportionality. Same for about half the other formula being used. You can go through and add those constants of proportionality yourself, but its fiddly, and a single mistake will cause strange results. Simply put, you’d be nuts to not use meters.

Well F would not be in newtons any more. But yeah i get your point. Your are right.