I got a few more mins to play around with my modded showBase code and I came across the thanks to this line in showBase…

        # Now hang a hook on the window-event from Panda.  This allows
        # us to detect when the user resizes, minimizes, or closes the
        # main window.
        self.accept('window-event', self.__windowEvent)

I think I understand the purpose of this, but I am a little confused about ‘window-event’. Is the event ‘window-event’ a default event type? If so, is there a list of these default events that can be found?

In my multi-window code, I would then assume that no matter which window generated the event, it would always come through as ‘window-event’ and then I would have to determine which window it is like showBase does?

def __windowEvent(self, win):

Thanks in advance