meshgen crashing


I’m having problems generating a navmesh. If i create a flat plane any size, export it into an egg, generating a navmesh on that works fine

if i make a plane and delete some squears off it, i.e non traversible areas, navmesh crashes on step 3,

if i make a plane, extrude a polygon, try to make navmesh, meshgen crashes on step 3 again,

wondering if anyone else having this problem,

to my understanding the process of makiong a navmesh is as follows,

  1. make the map model, export it (this step has nothign to do with navmesh

2)duplicate level, remove all non traversible areas, name as full mesh

3)duplicate full, remove polygons where character can’t traverse.

plains seem to work fine, but if i deleet some polys on the col mesh and generate a navmesh, the ai will cross areas where there are no poly’s, is this meant to happen

thanks for looking