Meshes showing a white colour when loaded into panda3D

Hi. I am very new to using Panda3D and Blender and I was wondering does the YABEE exporter not export materials as a colour of the mesh? I am trying to load a maze into panda which is supposed to be a green colour but when I load up the maze from the folder where my model is, it only shows a white colour and not a green one. Like I said I am very new to using Blender and Panda so any help would be appreciated as I’m sure it is something very simple which I am missing.

Hi, welcome to the community!

Since you are using YABEE, I will assume in this post that you are talking about Blender 2.79.

You need lighting in order for a material to show up. When you assign a light, the colour will appear.

If you do not wish to use lighting, there is an option in the material panel called “Shadeless”. When you click it, the material gets written out as the object color, and will show up even in the absence of lighting (and in fact lighting will not affect the object whatsoever).

Hi! I am actually using Kergalym’s - YABEE exporter which works with blender 2.8, but I’m actually using it with blender 2.9. It seems to be working okay to export the model itself, but could that be an issue? When you say you need lighting for the material to show up, do you mean in the blender scene on within the Panda3D scene?
Thank you

Ah, that’s an unofficial fork of the YABEE exporter. I do not know much about it.

You need to apply a light in Panda3D. The .egg format does not support lights.

I am trying to add a light into the scene by using a directional light (I am looking at the panda3D manual) but it is giving me an error saying DirectionalLight is not defined
this is how I am adding the light into the scene

        dlight = DirectionalLight('dlight')
        dlnp = render.attachNewNode(dlight)

am I missing an import? If so which one?

It’s simple.

from panda3d.core import DirectionalLight

But you need to know what’s in which package.

The green material is now showing thank you all for the help!