Mesh Converter

Hi !

For quite some time now, I work on this little application that we ship with our software.

It’s nothing really fancy, mainly an interface for converting meshes ( windows_only)

The user choose one or more folder, the file format, and the program convert every meshes inside the folder to .egg
then take a screenshot of it

The conversion itself use dae2egg or maya2egg2008 from panda3D.
It mainly just a little script with an interface.
Well I have thought other can make use of it.
for every meshes the output is the
an screenshot in .egg.jpg
a file which is an text file (containing bounding_rect, bounding boxes, nb_vertices, nb_face)

In the application, tag value is used to choose the shader for the screenshot. By default you want [diffuse] is you have texture. [normal], [ambiant] or [glow] can be used too ( must be use correct order, in the same order as the multi texturing in the mesh)

If that interest people I will post the source, and/or make change so that it can convert from other format as well.

The idea is ok. But i feel here is little need for a tool like this.

  1. We don’t have that many models
  2. Their default pause probably makes bad screen shot.

It’s mostly because we need and use it, and I feel like I should contribute to the community sometimes.