Meet panda island

our good old environment.egg that you can see in the hello world tutorial doesn’t quite cut the edge.

That’s why I’ve created a replacement (screenshots taken in pview):

EDIT: sorry, due to licensing problems I have to keep this back. Updates will follow in about 7 days (March, 16.) after I’m done with exams.

The scene still needs an actor. I’m not sure the panda from the current tutorial fits in there. Maybe a squirrel or a bird would be better. What do you think?

I don’t suppose it can use shaders? Manou’s panda looked great…

This looks great! I’d love to include this by default, but cgtextures does not allow open-source redistribution. Is there any change that it could be changed such that we can use this?

Cgtextures allows distribution of the model/scene as a whole if the textures have been customized for the model, which is the case here, I think. I used their textures for the tree bark, foilage, island grass and ground, the ivy and some moose.
If this really is a problem, I could look out for more liberal textures, but that and the customizing would take a whole while.

You are free to use it with any other models and shaders. But since this model is intended for being used as a replacement of the environment model I wanted to keep it simple. That’s why I didn’t use any shaders.

I haven’t much to add but to say that that’s lovely, Nemesis, and very much an improvement, I do think! :slight_smile:

This is what I said - artist makes picture, not engine at all ) You’re a good artist, Nemesis )

those are some lovely high quality graphics. great work

A while ago (3/24/12) I asked CGTextures if I could release a game using the textures and that I’d make clear the art assets was not under the same license and got the response:

Is that so much restrictive for the demo? Is that incompatible with the licenses/policies/guidelines in mind?

Oh, and btw, it’s a beautiful demo Nemesis! Nice job!!! :wink:

It seems like the folks at CGTextures can’t tell the difference between a game’s assets and the sourcecode. You can have an open source (sourcecode available) project with a different license for the assets (media).

Take all the Quake engines for example. They have released the sourcecocde under an open source license, while the assets are still not allowed to be redistributed, which makes sense as then they wouldn’t get any profit from their games as people would recompile their engine and use it with the assets.

I think this is also the case with some Panda3D sample models like the Tron model (Tron’s name and appearance is a trademark of Disney)?

Maybe CGTexures is trying to say you can’t relicense their textures under some open source (create commons) license.

Well, which particular textures are the problem? Maybe I can help out finding new textures.

I guess, from the answer I got is quite the opposite. They know the difference and actually allow you to use since you media has a closed license.

That is how most open source projects do it when they want to use images from CGTextures. (CGTextures replied this, look again)

Yes. I guess this is what concerns them.

So, I don’t see why should be a problem using the textures… I guess there’s no need to replace that.

Thank you all for the kind words.

I asked CGTextures yesterday if it is okay for me to release the model under CC-BY and they denied. I fear I must take down the download link until I have some time to redo the textures in question.

EDIT: Quotation from the Email response:

Well… I only realized now that there’s no code. It’s just the model we’re talking…

I was thinking more along the lines of a sample like a Roaming Ralph with better graphics in which the code would be released in a open source license and the assets in a closed one. Like the Tron example redpanda mentioned.

All code included is the vertex normal correction code I got from you. Thanks for that by the way. I used it on nearly all bushes and the result is quite pretty compared to non-ordered normals. :slight_smile:

BTW: 1000 Posts :smiley:

I’m glad it help =D

Just to make myself more clear about all the license stuff, I think the model can’t be licensed in an open source license, but it could be shipped with, let’s say, an open source game having the assets under a closed license. I mean… we could have a license the asses and a different one for the code, right? I guess Lugaru did exactly that for some assets, iirc.

In this case, the “project” is the model itself, which wouldn’t make sense to open due to license limitations.

I just think maybe a nice looking demo / hello world tutorial could be released like the game case, clearly stating that the assets are closed. <-- Am I wrong here?

You might be right, but I don’t want people to have any legal troubles with my models. I’ll simply redo the textures and everybody will be happy.