[size=150]Hey everyone I have 3 ModelPacks available, CastlePack at 29usd and house pack at 29usd along with the prop pack at 15usd, for everything together at 39 usd, over 80 models!. Please email me as right now it will be given manually. This price is only for this week! I will only respond to messages on my email! Thanks If you’re interested do not hesitate to email me[/size] buy here!

[size=134]Castle Pack - 29 USD[/size]
CastlePack will make a perfect add to your medieval customs. It contains 27 models, most models contain interior to get onto the wall and into the towers. The models have been designed to be low poly while having a great design and interior. ranging from 100-300 for the walls, 700-1400 for the towers and gates, the Keep is the highest tri count due to it having 4 floors with a basement (6k Tris), which gives a possibility of escaping from the Keep or adding in cells for prisoners. You can also walk on the wooden ladders to the top of the towers and see through the windows etc. From buying this pack you can [size=117]save countless of hours[/size] of modeling/hiring your own artists! There will be new textures available and new models, current purchasers receive free upgrade as price rises.

[size=134]House Pack - 29 USD[/size]
The House Pack contains 8 unique houses, it comes with free space so that you can design your own rooms, it comes with different wall designs for you to place into the house in your editor. The House Pack also contains a Church and a Stables the only building with no interior at this time is the Stables (it will be getting one and people who have already purchased get free upgrade as price will increase). More buildings are being made and will also come with this update. Tri count ranges are low poly from 800-1500 on the houses, the Church is around 4k as it has two side upstairs and the bigger houses stretch up to the 2000 tri count range.

[size=134]Prop Pack - 15USD[/size]
This prop pack provides basic 3d models to fill your towns from emptiness. It contains 38 low poly models from 50-300. It contains a fountain, bridge, cups, tables, bridges, wells, firestoves, pavements, log piles, baskets, sacks etc. There is a much bigger list for interior props which will be combined into this pack, purchasers will receive the free upgrade as price increases.

[size=134]All 3 Model Packs - 39USD Save money![/size]

Textures are all Tile. Power of 2: 256x256, 1024x1024 etc
The pack is available in the following 3D formats:
B3D (Blitz3D~RCS Ready/Drag’n’Drop)

(Too many models to do 1 by 1)