Meaningful subject / topic names please!

OK… I’m a newbie and really have no right to make a post such as this…

However, I am trying to be self-sufficient with Panda3d and use this forum as a resource. I imagine other noobs/newbies have encountered problems similar to the ones I am struggling with…

Why not post to the forum with a meaningful subject line / topic?

Running through the forums and seeing dozens of posts such as:

Help me!
Oh my god!
Having a problem!
Can’t sleep!
Wife is mad!
Dog pooped!
Weird stuff happening!

And so on, IMHO, this detracts from the usefulness of the forum and makes it much more difficult to leverage the knowledge, skill and experience of the community (yes, I know, I could use the search function and I do). Most of the above list are actually examples - I through in a few of my own just because I have an odd sense of humor.

Sorry to rant - just frustrated!

You forgot the most used sentence:

“my cat is burning” :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, Bigfoot29


Good subjects are also the best way to get an answer to your question. A good subject explains the problem, and anyone who knows the answer is likely to take the time to open up the post and reply. A bad subject just gets skimmed over like a piece of junk email.

Want to guess which of these posts I replied to recently?

  • using .x animations in Pview
  • Help!!!


Sniff , this means my title “unable to find a newly created eggfile” is wrong , that 's why nobody answer me…

BY the way , i trully feel that Panda User does give more meaningful name that in other community i’ve been in…

as usual, that’s only my 2 cents…

Maybe we should add an Information topic how to post right and tell te Moderators to delete all topics which aren’t posted right.


This would not be a “nice” idea i think.
We are human and not so dumb. However we are not all “english speaking” people or not even all used to such community forum;

Some of us are used to “Hotline” , some of us are just discovering programming.

Most often , people with a wrong title are able to explain in a few post what they really need. And the next time they improve the title. Good at first time is rare but everybody must be allowed to get better…

For me, deleting of post for such reason would be denying people their right to exist and learn…

Ok thats true. Maybe the forum Moderator can just rename the topic if he/she has the time.