Maya6 skin bindings translating to EGG

Has anyone been able to get Maya6 to convert Maya’s own skin bindings on bones that are animating?

I have bones animating(FK rotate channels), that have rigid bindings to the polygon and the bindings don’t translate any animation with the maya2egg6 converter.

Any suggestions.

We do this all the time, although we use soft-skinning more often than rigid skinning. But rigid skinning should convert too. Is there something unusual about the way your model is skinned?


I’m not doing anything unusual. I have tested rigid bindings on simple geometry and cannot get them to transfer any animation. Smooth bindings work no problem, but I prefer rigid for most of my animation needs.

Can you please verify that rigid bindings do or don’t work from your end of things?

Using Maya6.0 with the maya2egg6 under the alpha version of Panda.


Sorry for the long delay in responding. It took me a while to get a chance to fire up a copy of Maya and create a simple test animation with hard-skinned models.

It seems to work fine. I put the keyframes directly on the mesh nodes. It also works if you parent a mesh node directly to a joint node.

Is there any other way to implement hard-skinning that I don’t know about? I certainly don’t know all the ins and outs of Maya.

If you’d like to post a copy of your Maya file somewhere, I’ll be happy to take a look at it.