Sorry if the solution has already been posted, I searched but didn’t really find anything. In Maya 8.5, I created a simple box and gave it a phong material of an image file. I saved it as a .mp and placed it in a folder with maya2egg85.exe when I try to convert it, I get the following:

c:\My Models>maya2egg85 -a models -o box.egg
Cannot locate MAYA85 - it does not appear to be installed

According to the manual the file is supposed to be a .mb; however I am unsure how to save it as such. Unfortunately, I think the problem is that I have the Personal Learning Edition and the maya2egg85 is only compatible with the commercial version. Any suggestion?

Err, learn blender? The problem is that the file types are incompatible, the egg converters were written for the commercial versions and Maya PLE is specifically designed to be incompatible with the commercial versions.