maya2egg2011 linux

I’ve built maya2egg2011 for linux (ubuntu 10.10 64bit), seems to work fine. Unfortunately it seems to have problems when trying to use it with Panda3D 1.7 from the standard SDK installer - it only works when installed with the same panda it was built with (now 1.7.1?) The .deb is 21M, minus the samples; happy to upload it somewhere if anyone wants it.

Right. Starting 1.7.1, we’ve introduced binary compatibility, so it should be compatible with any 1.7.x release starting with 1.7.1 (1.7.0 is not compatible with any of them)

If you e-mail the include and lib directories of Maya (excluding libfbxfilesdk), then I’ll include it in future releases of Panda3D.