I’m trying to compile Panda3D 1.7.0 to make use of the maya2egg2010. For some reason it doesn’t like compiling the plugins exept for the mayapanda tool.

If i use command prompt I get a can’t find rc.exe. I’ve tried doing it through the visual studio command prompt (get the same thing) and using the sln through visual studios (express edition)GUI which throws up loads of warnings during the compilation.

So i’m pretty much stuck hoping anyone has any sudjestions to get the maya2egg2010 working.

system info:
windows vista 32bit,
directX SDK (August 2006)
Microsoft Platform SDK
Visual Studio C++ 2008 express edition.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to the forums!

I can make it easier for you, if you like - if you could e-mail me the Maya lib and include directories (except for libfbxfilesdk, which is too large anyway), I’ll compile it for you.

I’m not sure what you mean i’m pretty new to programming in general(starting with python & a little bit of art work on maya), sorta teaching myself as I go :slight_smile:

There’s two files in the lib folder, libIlmImf and mkl_core, which are too big. These ones?

I found the RC.exe but how do you use it? Something to do with the enviroment variables, how do they work?

So there really is no lib directory containing OpenMaya.lib, and no include directory containing maya/maya.h?

Also, if you have RC.exe, putting it on the PATH when invoking makepanda will be enough.

Just wondering which files you said you didn’t need, the ones I mentioned where the biggest ones. There’s an Openmaya.lib but no maya.h

I need the libraries Foundation, OpenMaya, OpenMayaAnim and OpenMayaUI (the .lib files and the .exp files).

Also, are you sure you can’t find a “maya” directory anywhere containing a “maya.h”? It must be somewhere.

The folders there but there isnt a maya header file in it. Even run a search on the whole computer, nowhere to be found :confused: there’s MayaEngine.h, MayaManager.h and MayaViewer.h located in appdata folder but that’s it.

Oops, sorry! Yeah, not maya.h, but there are lots of other .h files, like MTypes.h. I need the “include” directory that contains these header files, and the libraries I named.

Sent, titled maya2egg2010.

Thanks man, your a star :slight_smile:

Seems like I can’t send them,

Any other way you could send them? Perhaps using a service like ‘Yousendit’?
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