Maya2Egg wxPython GUI [UPDATED]

Hey all,

As part of the CMU project currently updating maya2egg itself, we’ve also started work on a cross-platform GUI running in wxPython. Right now it has the ability to do most of the things the exporter does currently, and we hope to add every command line feature in there in the next few weeks. Let us know what you think! Here’s a screen snap.


Standalone EXE (Windows) … _.rar.html

Source File …

veeery nice. where’s the beta? :slight_smile:

Should be able to post one by the end of the week. We’re in the middle of Snowmagedon here in the Eastern US, so things aren’t moving too fast

I’ll hold you to it :slight_smile: although I am not using maya.

We are also under the snow here in Romania, even if it’s on of the other sides of the world… Cool winter this one!

wxPython is blocking code from what I understand and Maya Python runs in Maya main loop. It crashes on any wx code I have done in Maya.

How did you get around that?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but it sounds like you were trying to use wx within maya’s python shell right? If that’s the case then I’m sure it wouldn’t work because maya’s python libraries are heavily modified to get it to work with maya internally.

This little app is written in pure python (with wx) and then it can simply run the maya2egg exe after building all the arguments. I don’t really have to deal with maya’s main loop here…that’s done by the exe itself. Bascially, maya’s GUI is never opened, the API and scene traversal gets handled by the egger, not this little GUI.

P.S. We’re still testing a little in house it but I hope to have something out beginning of next week for everyone to look at and test.


I’ve decided to release the code as is for now. It’s an executable built with py2exe. All you should have to do is unzip the files and run the exe, just make sure you have all the dll’s in the zip file. Please feel free to email/PM with any comments or bugs just use GUI Feedback in your subject line if you can. Happy Egging!


Oh not on rapidshare, it’s overloaded already.
Why don’t you also release the source ?

I wanted to give an exe for people that didn’t feel like using the .py file. But i can post it sometime tomorrow though.


Standalone EXE (Windows) … _.rar.html

Source File …

Note that you can register webspace at for Panda3D-related file hosting. I don’t think anyone here appreciates the use of rapidshare.

Ahh was wondering that. Thanks!

Hey all here’s the updated links to the Tools GUI

You can download a compiled exe for windows here.

You can also get the .py file here.

well i do appreciate it