maya2egg for maya 8.5

Is there a maya2egg for Maya 8.5? I see that there is 7, but I have 8.5. If there is not one, what do I need to do?

I am also suffering the same problem, and as Im fairly new to the Maya experience, Im not entirely sure if this is due to the 8.5 version, or my own lack of knowledge.

Ive checked various posts by other users, everything led to texture - making sure it was Hypershade, and that the settings were correct.

Here’s the script details to my problem once I run the MayaPandaTool

Exporting scene…
Saved entire scene as temporary file: Jonball_temp.mb
Using these arguments: maya2egg85 -a model -pd “C:/Documents and Settings/Roy/My Documents/Camera” [END]
Your scene will be saved as this egg file: Jonball.egg
In this directory: C:/Documents and Settings/Roy/My Documents/maya/projects/default/scenes/
!!Overwrite enabled!!
‘maya2egg85’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Finished exporting (.mb -> .egg)

For some reason, there’s an overwrite that occurs just before the scene is saved. ‘Maya2egg85’, which 85 I believe might be refering to the version of Maya Im using.

Im using Hypershade, Ive tried UV texture mapping aswell, nothing seems to be working.

Can anyone confirm this as the problems source?

Alright, for anyone looking for an answer to this question…

Not yet - Maya2egg85.mll has yet to be created. Im hoping they’ll update Panda to accept version 8.5 eventually, it’s the version Im studying now, aswell as the one I’ll be using in College.

Might be a plugin out there for it, but I did a search on a few engines and couldnt find anything for a maya2egg85 plugin.

Sorry 8.5 users, gota stick with 7 and lower.

if you have both versions, you might want to try converting with FBX. maya 7.0 and 8.5 have FBX import/export.

I use FBX to convert from MAX <> Motionbuilder <> Maya. it is the best format I have found so far.