Maya2egg 2018 for Panda 1.9.4

Hey there,

I am completely new to panda3d (and graphics programmign in general) and am wanting to export a file from Maya 2018 student edition to panda.

I see that maya2egg is the utility from looking in the documentation but there’s no 2018 available. Can an older one be used?

Caolan O’Domhnaill

I see we are not building Maya 2018 tools at the moment. I can fix that. Which operating system are you on?

I am doing preliminary dev on Windows 7 but the entire automated build chain will be done on CentOS 7. So I would need both. However, at this time, Windows is the priority.

I’ve added Maya 2018 support, and tools should be available in the latest Windows and macOS development builds.

It would appear that Autodesk does not (yet) have Linux versions of Maya 2018 available, that I can find.

Perhaps the download link in this post can help? Further down in that topic it is explained how to get to the official download link.
It seems that the Linux Download option was removed from the Education site (see this post).