maya2010 and panda3D

hello…sorry…can i ask you about how to export a maya file into panda3D…can you told me the steps?

this tutorial is for texture?

or i also can export using this comment?

cd c\My Models\maya2egg -o “Egg Files/Character.egg” “Maya Files/Character.mb”

or these?

maya2egg -a model -o eggFileName.egg mayaFileName.mb
maya2egg -a chan -o eggFileName.egg mayaFileName.mb
maya2egg -a pose -o eggFileName.egg mayaFileName.mb
maya2egg -a both -o eggFileName.egg mayaFileName.mb

can you tell me?
i am very confusing about it now… :open_mouth:

You need to use absolute pathnames unless you are in the same directory as the scene file. You cannot type “Egg Files/egg.egg”, it would need to be “C:\some directory\Models\Egg Files\egg.egg”. However, if you were running the tool from the same directory that contained the scene file you could run the command like this

maya2egg2010 -none (or chan,both, etc) -o “egg.egg” “scene.mb”