Maya to egg with Animations (using Maya References)


i got two maya files.

one with the model (bug.mb). one with the animation (bug-fly.mb), using maya references to reference the model into the animation file.

using “maya2egg -a model bug.mb -o bug.egg” converts the model file (bug.mb) and i can view it in pview. all fine.

using “maya2egg -a chan bug-fly.mb -o bug-fly.egg” converts the file fine, but it seems it does not pick up the reference to the model file.

can this be done with the given tools? anyway to “relink” the egg files accordingly.

i’m using the Actor class to load in my model/animations.


Hmm, I had thought that maya2egg does transparently flatten out references within the Maya file. I believe we rely on this feature in the VR Studio.

In what way, precisely, is it failing?


In my code I get an assertion in Panda3Ds C++ code. Something along these lines:

  File "/usr/local/panda/lib/direct/showbase/", line 1308, in igLoop
AssertionError: !mat.is_nan() at line 324 of transformState.cxx

If I load the corresponding animation file into pview, I do not see anything and get following message when trying to center the model:

:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models

So my assumption was that the reference seems to create a problem for maya2egg. I’m not too familiar with Maya, so that’s how far I got.

I’ve uploaded the Maya files and the corresponding egg-files I created and PM’d you with the download location - I hope you have some time to look at this and let me know what I’m doing wrong? Much appreciated.



did you get my email? Any idea what problem I hit? Any hints about what to look into would be much appreciated.


I’ve received it, but haven’t had a chance to look into it yet–things have gotten busy this week. I’ll let you know shortly. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your time, David. Much appreciated that you are willing to help in your free time.