Maya Python Script With Egg

I know there is a GUI maya egg exporter. I’m exporting a level within maya and want to export .eggs within the script. Is there a way to get a hold of the panda egg conversion code within panda?

I believe the mayaegg interfaces are not exposed to Python. You can however call maya2egg on the commandline:

import os
os.system("maya2egg2008 file.egg")

I’m not sure, but I think you can also directly specify a maya file in a loader.loadModel call. This way is not preferred however.

Well I really need to automate the export process. Can I not include the .dll of the maya egg GUI converter in my python code, and get access to it?


The maya exporter GUI script basically calls the maya2egg2008 exporter program so doing it via the system call would get you the same results as the GUI script.

convert once use the eggs after words - you dont need the maya2egg tool with your game then?