Maya blind data->egg?

is there a way to include Maya’s blind data (custom component attributes) in the egg file? The particular thing I’d like to do is paint an attribute for particle mass across the vertices of a mesh and then be able to use that info in panda for a mass/spring simulator, but there’s tons of other places it’d be useful, I’m sure.

Hmm, no, sorry–I don’t think we have any system for exporting and reading user-defined data.


You might be able to store this data in named UV sets, which would allow you to store any numerical data since it is just a set of two floats.

ooh, sneaky. I’m going to try just using vertex colors for the moment and then replace them with a material after I get the data out. If I get ambitious I’ll look at adding this capability, it doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard.

Oh, hmm - the Maya export half is certainly easy enough to do, but I just took a closer look at how the egg parser works and I can see that bit would be a little tricky.